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What I imagine a fire type does to a Pokéball #pokénightlight #pokemon

Everybody makes mistakes, it’s to be expected.
But, when you do make a mistake you should be slugged by someone. I mean, there’s no need to punish yourself.
At the time, you might think that it’s a mistake you could never undo. Even if it is, if we kick and scream and fight like hell, we’ll move forward a little bit. I was taught, to believe in the me that believes in myself.

Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

First time making banana bread myself, cut it in half to make sure I didn’t burn the middle, but all looks good, hopefully it tastes good! #itsbananas

You don’t screw over the people that have your back.

New shirt from @forhumanpeoples #ohana


got bored drew kim pine

 Kim hates everyone, especially the people closest to her, like Scott Pilgrim. Now that’s love kids.