I was happy with my hate of Five Guys burgers, it was SAFE. But then @them1ghty1 had to go and ruin it by taking me there again and proving that they weren’t horrible, but delicious. Curse you Firebringer!

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"We were swinging to the music of an old soul station, and it was saying everything I felt" #lifeisgood #chrisbattenandthewoods

Role Models & Growing Up

This past Friday was rather sad as a great person left a group that I’ve grown up with the past 2 years. Elliott Morgan left SourceFed.

I know what you’re thinking. What’s SourceFed? Who the hell is Elliott Morgan?

SourceFed is a news show on YouTube that was created by Philip DeFranco in 2012 and is something I highly recommend you check out to learn more about.

Elliott Morgan is this awesome dude right here:

It’s strange to grow up with something that was created online, and with people who you’ve only seen in videos, but the connection is there. It’s awesome to see how much they change and grow, and as sad as it will be to not have Elliott around anymore I wish him nothing but the best in everything he does.

I subscribed to SourceFed as soon as Phil announced it back in 2011. It seemed a little scrambled at first with shows outside the normal 20 Minutes or Less, but the hosts drove the show home into the SourceFed it is now.

I think the reason I’m talking about all this is not only because I support and am a fan of Phil, Elliott, and the rest of the SourceFed crew, but because I see them all as role models. That in itself is a strange concept to me because growing up, before my step-dad Sam was around, I never really looked up to anyone like that. No one had earned that kind of position in my eyes.

Now I’m 22 and if I really think about it I have a lot of people I look up to: Philip DeFranco, the SourceFed crew, the awesome people over at Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter, Joel WatsonAngela Melick, and my “step-dad” Sam.

It took me awhile but I realized what connects these people all together. They all do what they love for a living, and that’s the most inspiring thing to me. To be able to live off what you love doing is amazing and something I aspire to do one day with my art as a Graphic Designer. I’ve got a long way to go and I know it’s a hard road to travel, but man will it be worth it.

Thank you all, you inspire me to be a better person and to forge ahead on my own path, wherever that might take me.


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Torkoal is seriously one of my all time favorite Fire Type Pokemon. Don’t fuck with turtles kids, they’ll mess you up.

Apparently I missed one, but in the end I got ‘em…Mew you sneaky bastard…

I am Pokemon Master, even on Google Maps

"Wise words from a wise time lord"

Taken from the Doctor Who Facebook page

I’m starting a new game in Pokemon Platinum, and I just can’t choose who I want as a starter! So you guys decide!

Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup?